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GFC is very selective in the franchise brands it chooses to work with. Using a series of strict criteria, we have spent 1,000s of hours pre-screening franchise brands. By only working with the top 5-10% of the 4,000 franchise brands offered in the United States, we will keep you clear of the industry’s underbelly. In other words, the hardest and most time-consuming part of your franchise search has already been done for you. Without the headache of weeding out the “bad apples”, you can devote all your attention to finding the right “fit” for you and your home market. There are four quadrants of franchise businesses, all of which are well represented in GFC’s portfolio. By understanding the unique characteristics of each quadrant, you will be better equipped to focus on the categories that best fit your personal criteria.

The Four Quadrants of Franchising

Simple Retail

Brick&Mortar (1200-2000 sq ft)

Transactional business

Simple employee model

$150k-$300k AVG startup

Strong brand recognition

Location, location, location!

Examples: fastfood, haircuts, gyms & fitness

$150k- $300k AVG startup

Sophisticated Retail

Brick&Mortar (3000-5000 sq ft)

Consultative business

Skilled labor required

Stable industries

Less competition

Location, location, location!

Examples: auto, spas, sign shops, medical clinics

$300k-$500k startup cost


No Brick&Mortar

Go into customer’s home

Add staff as business scales

Franchisor helps drive business

Owner has propensity for sales

COVID resistant business

Examples: childcare, property services, interior design

$75k-$150k startup cost 


No Brick&Mortar


Boardroom setting

Longer sales cycle

Relationship-based business

Recurring revenue model

Examples: Staffing, business coaching, HR Services

$150-$250k startup cost

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